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A2 Hosting offers the services of shared hosting, VPS (managed and unmanaged), Reseller, Cloud as well as dedicated servers (also managed and not managed). Let us check out a comprehensive review of A2 hosting with all its plans!


It is the introductory plan of A2 Hosting and is perfect if you only want to have a blog or a single web page with a professional appearance. This plan offers an endless list of services. It offers unlimited storage and traffic.

You can use the CMS (Content Management System) you prefer, and it comes with WordPress optimization with several exclusive services (free).

Security is where A2 hosting shines. Security tools make your website immune to attacks, and a shared SSL certificate is also included in this hosting.

1 × 2.1Ghz of CPU, 512 MB of Ram and 2 GB of virtual memory are enough resources (especially for a single web page) that come with A2 Hosting.

Keep in mind that in all shared hosting companies, these resources are really your limit, especially when you have many people visiting your website at the same time. Therefore, it can be challenging for you to use too much hard disk or bandwidth. All your data, files, operating system and databases are on SSDs.


This second plan is recommended for those who want to make several web pages. The number of websites is unlimited in the SWIFT Plan. In this case, the available resources are higher with 2 × 2.1Ghz of CPU, 1GB of Ram and 8 GB of virtual memory.

Moreover, it has a Performance Plus service (for a fee) to be able to maintain the speed of your website during a lot of traffic.

For security, the Server Rewind option allows you to return to an earlier state of your web page with a single click. No other hosting company has this service which makes A2 Hosting unique in this aspect.


The biggest difference between this plan and the previous two is what A2 Hosting calls Turbo Server. It offers more resources per user, fewer users per server and an optimized performance up to twenty times faster. It also has a pre-configured cache that will add speed to your web pages.

a2 hosting review

Shared Hosting Windows

Recently, A2 Hosting also offered shared hosting services for Windows. The price is very similar to Linux plans. It has a Plesk control panel, SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

The characteristics of the plans are also the same as the Linux plans. There are not many Windows hosting providers, so it’s great news for ASP.NET users that A2 Hosting has started offering this service. They offer a considerable amount of software ASP.NET 2.x, 3.x & 4.x, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Windows Server 2012, Access Database, MVC 4 or 5, Classic ASP, Silverlight, etc.

A2 Hosting Analysis

● Performance and Time of Activity

A2 Hosting has the fastest servers we have seen for shared hosting, even in its most basic plans. Previously, they only had servers in the USA, but now, they also offer these servers in Amsterdam as well as Singapore. Therefore, you can choose the closest one to you.

It is possible to perform a download speed test from the three servers to see which is best for you. You must also think about your visitors in terms of from where you expect to have more visits such as America, Europe or Asia. Its largest data is still in the USA.

There are other things equal or more important than speed, and one of them is the activity time. Your website must be online all the time, or you will lose customers and readers quicker than you can get them. Hence, it is excellent that the performance and activity time of A2 Hosting is pretty spectacular.

● Control Panel A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting provides cPanel too. This is good news for newbies and for those who wish to have no complications. With this panel, you can easily manage your website without worrying about technicalities.

So, what are the advantages of cPanel?

1. The administration of web pages is simple.
2. You can install any CMS system (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) using a simple script.
3. You can make backups of your site.
4. You can give statistics on the use of your web pages.
5. What’s more, you can do all this with just a few clicks.
6. Special promotions will be displayed in your cPanel.
7. It is the most popular. So, you will find many online tutorials.

Customer Support

A2 Hosting offers customer service through 24/7 telephone service (in the USA), live chat (our favorite without a doubt) and email. The only criticism we can give to this company is that its technical service is correct, solves all your doubts, but they are not the fastest.

We contacted them to ask how it is possible that a company that offers such professional service in terms of servers does not have a support team of the finest quality. They responded that they are working on it and will soon offer better assistance. Therefore, their customer support service, although not the best, is still fine if we consider the soundness of the technical advice shared by the support team.

a2 Hosting review


A2 Hosting is a company with very good quality hosting services, and it is also a very reliable hosting service. Starting with the most basic plan, it offers excellent speeds, thanks to the fact that all of its storage is on SSD disks.

It offers all types of hosting, so it is easy to find the one that is best for you. The prices of your plans are adjusted, and if they offer a better customer support service, nothing can beat them. That said, in a nutshell, whether you are a newbie or an established company, choosing the A2 Hosting plans can stand you in good stead for you as well as your business. And if you are simply thinking about starting a blog, this hosting platform is definitely the way to go!

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