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So, you want your page or your website to reach the top spot in search engine and you don’t know where to start? In the early days of the internet, you probably should have paid some web developer to do it for you. Luckily, today we have SEO builders. In this article we’re going to explain to you what is SEO, and how can you use website builders for SEO for your advantage.

What is SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques that help websites and pages on them to rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing. Their final goal is to increase the visibility of websites, ideally ranking at top of search engines. More visibility means more clicks and more visitors. Those who are coming from your SEO endeavors, unlike those coming from paid traffic (e.g. Facebook ads), are completely free. Basically, search engine optimization is one of the best ways to increase the traffic of your websites without an advertising budget.

How do search engines work?

Search engines present links in hierarchical order. The higher you appear, the more visits and clicks you get. If you’re ranked number one in the search engines, you usually get more than half of the clicks when users search for the term. Click and visits sharply drop to around 15% if the link is ranked second, and if its ranked 3rd then it drops to less than 10%. And so on. This is why you need website builders for SEO.

How to get on top?

In the world of search engines is on the top means being one of the first links when the term is searched for. So, how can you do this? You shouldn’t try to randomly type your pages and hope that they will come on top. That’s not efficient and is generally a waste of time. You need to know some basics of SEO before you go and build your website or page. What you must understand is that there are two types of search engine optimizations: On-page optimization and Off-page optimization.

On-page optimization (also known as “on-site” SEO) is the act of optimizing different parts of your website that affect search engine rankings of your pages. It’s a thing that you have the most control over. Or to put it simply, the On-page optimization looks at what your site, or your page, is about.

Off-page optimization (the “Off-site” SEO) looks at how popular and authoritative your page or website is. Besides creating high-quality content with the On-page SEO, there are other ways of boosting your site’s popularity on search engines. You can run campaigns that are considered to be Off-page SEO. Be careful as search engines don’t like every technique there is.

We’re mostly going to focus on the On-page optimization in this article.

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What are the best website builders for SEO?


WordPress is a Content Management system (CMS), not a website builder. But besides that, it is a tool that is most flexible for your website or page building. It is the top platform for Google optimization. WordPress contains the optimization techniques you can use to prepare and set up the most optimal SEO environment possible for your site. When you’re setting a new WordPress website, there is a set of rules and optimization which should be done in order to maximize the SEO. You should do that for each and every page and post you create on your website. By following those optimizations using specific plug-ins and settings, you have the ability to grow faster and rank higher on search engines then you would otherwise. All of this is unique to WordPress.

Customization of WordPress

WordPress is the most flexible way of creating your custom SEO pages and websites. For your WordPress, you can even use free themes. With them, you can have the best experience possible while you’re making your optimized pages.


Wix is a website builder in a true sense of a word. On Wix, you build a site on their software with their tools. Your website is stored on their servers. You can only access your site via their admin panel.  Just like other building websites, Wix is sort of like leasing and customizing a house instead of buying and owning your own house. You’re still in control of the interior, decor, cleaning, and other things, but you leave the constriction, structure, security, infrastructure and everything else to your owner. There is a trade-off between control and convenience. There is also customization, but you may lose all of your work if you switch templates. It is less flexible than WordPress. Wix has a free plan, but ultimately it’s not free. You also have to display Wix ads.


Unlike Wix, Squarespace has better customization, and you won’t lose your work if you want to switch templates. Also, they won’t force you to use ads. Squarespace is nice to look at, and they offer over 100 themes which are optimized for phones and tablets. But just like Wix, it is not free. And it’s not so easy to use, although it doesn’t have a large learning curve. The depth of navigation is the weakest part of their website builder. It is more complicated than it needs to be. Some templates feature secondary navigation underneath the main navigation.

It also can feel way too minimalistic for a website builder. This means that it can require a decent amount of trial and error until you are familiar with the editor completely. Some of the page elements are shown as an icon and don’t reveal their purpose immediately.  The rather complicated editing interface used to be a major flaw. Fortunately, this has been fixed in version 7. But besides all that, it is a quite good website builder.


Weebly is one of the best website builders for SEO for small businesses. It has cool customizable templates that are quite stylish. It has really helpful SEO guides in their help and support center which can help users greatly. Cons of using Weebly as website builder are: drag-and-drop customization is limited and it can be hard unless you’re confident with code; no personal restore option which means that if your site goes down, you’re totally reliant on their support team to restore your website for you.


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