What is DA? Off-Page SEO Tactics to Increase Domain Authority

Domain Authority or DA is a well-known terminology in the SEO industry. It gauges the likelihood of a website performing well in SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. Domain Authority has been developed by Moz and is basically a ranking score on search engines that offers an overview of the likely performance of a website. PageRank was earlier a very popular equivalent of Domain Authority until Google stopped publishing it. This is when Domain Authority rose to the occasion and is now a popular go-to replacement.

When it comes to enhancing the SEO rankings of your website, it is natural to consider exactly how to enhance the Domain Authority as well. SEO is definitely a tricky subject. There are a plethora of concepts such as Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO to contend. That said, SEO is crucial to be one step ahead of the competition. Therefore, let’s check out the various ways in which you can increase your domain authority by Off-Page SEO tactics.

1. Focus on internal linking:

Building internal links on your website is something you can control. Wikipedia is an ideal example of exactly how internal linking can contribute to jumping from one page to the next with ease and comfort. Consider internal linking your blogs to increase Domain Authority on your website in a free and quick way.

2. Eliminate the bad links:

Getting rid of the bad links from your website guarantees a good quality of links. You can easily remove them by using the Disavow tool of Google. Do this and go one step further in increasing your domain authority.

3. Distribute your eggs in different baskets:

 A wise man once cautioned us never to put all our eggs in a single basket. This is also true when talking about smart business decisions. You must always diversify your links according to distinct geographical locations instead of focusing on one source. It is even better if there is absolutely no connection between the sources.

 4. Extend your domain name’s expiry:

 The Domain Authority of your website can suffer a whiplash if your domain is due to expire within a year. Therefore, always ensure that your expiry date is extended by 3-4 years at least.

5. Enhance your website’s backlinks:

 This is one of the first few things recommended by every industry expert to increase your domain authority. That said, it is vital to be cautious while increasing the number of backlinks on your website because you can also attract a lot of spam backlinks. This can bring a lot of side effects to the SEO of your website and can end up doing more harm than good.

 6. Improve the content on your website to become an expert in your niche.

 “Content is King’ are not merely words. Enhancing the content quality on your website is in your hands. Rather than putting what you are on the website, give the customers what they want. It is always better to post less with good quality rather than posting more and compromising with the impact.

Bottom Line

The most critical aspect of off-page SEO tactics to increase Domain Authority is a killer internet connection. Do all this and see your SEO rankings soar!


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