How to make money from YouTube?

There are varied ways in which one can earn money on YouTube.¬† In fact, YouTube themselves provide tutorials about how to earn money as a creator at their ‘Creator Academy.’

Tips to make money from youtube:-

Through YouTube Ads

The easiest way to earn money on YouTube is through ads. Any YouTube creator can apply for the YouTube Partner Program (provided it’s available in their country). After a channel gets 1,000 subscribers and hits 4,000 total watch hours in the past twelve months.

They can then apply for the Partner Program. Once approved, one can enable monetization feature on their own YouTube channel through Creator Studio and connect their YouTube channel to an AdSense account.

They must also adhere to certain YouTube specified advertiser-friendly guidelines in their videos, for them to be eligible for ads. Once other requirements and specifics are in place, YouTube then starts serving ads on the content and one can start getting paid for your monetized videos.

Through YouTube Premium subscriptions :

YouTube Premium membership is for those who wish to watch YouTube videos without ads interrupting it. The members pay a recurring fee for this and a few other membership benefits.  A Creator can earn an amount from YouTube Premium depending on how much total time YouTube Premium members spent watching their content ad-free compared to others.

Besides these direct ways of making money from YouTube, one could also tap into a few indirect and innovative ways for revenue generation:-

Working with third party /brands:

Various business brands and ad agencies are constantly on the lookout for ways to promote their products and services on YouTube. If a channel’s target audience is suitable for a Brand, they may be interested in partnering with the YouTube creator.

Once a Creator has a few thousands of subscriptions, they can pitch for the collaboration to a brand or an advertiser. If approved, the advertisers /brands pay the channel according to the collaboration deal.

Merchandising your products :

If one is a Creator of a different kind, that if it someone creates any merchandise¬† — clothing, handicraft, artwork, music, and varied other products or services — then they can promote their business and the products directly through your YouTube channel and use merch cards, annotations and hyperlinks to drive potential buyers to their website or shop.


As a Creator one can build a stronger community by creating YouTube Live and also offline YouTube subscribers events. Through live appearances, subscribers’ meet, and hosting events in places where you have a huge portion of your audience, can create more diverse earning opportunities. One can also sell tickets for such events, and again through their own YouTube videos.


Crowdfunding on YouTube can help one raise charity funds or donations to help support one’s YouTube channel or cause or social projects. Youtubers could also be running an externally hosted campaign and promote for it to be crowdfunded through their YouTube channel.

There are umpteen ways in which one can tap into the potential of a popular mass platform such as YouTube, to make money. The only need is consistency, quality, and patience.

However, please note that not every one of this revenue earning method might be available in every country. Also, YouTubers who are being remunerated for ads or to create and promote third-party contents need to understand and adhere to YouTube’s disclosure requirements.

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