What Is AdMob? Howto Make Money from AdMob?

Do you have mobile apps that you would like to monetize and make passive income? If yes, then AdMob is the perfect tool for you. It is a simple yet useful way to help you monetize mobile apps by integrating advertisements in them. Hence, it can work as a platform for you to generate a side income with the help of your mobile app.

Make Money From Admob:

Let’s us understand AdMob in details now!

AdMob was developed by Google for having a marketing product based on performance. It helps you generate income through the publication of video ads and banners. It is also a platform that offers you the opportunity to make an additional passive income to commercialize the apps on your iOS and Android apps stores.

These advertisements are usually responsive, so it is easy for them to automatically adjust as per the size of their mobile screens that helps in having a better experience for the users.

Option of App-Filtering

When you have AdMob, you can be assured that everything will be under the control of the App owner. Hence, with the help of some specific filters, you can easily determine the categories of the advertisements that you want to use.

You can also decide where and when you want the ads to appear. For example, if ads related to weight loss or travel are not related to your app, then you can easily filter them out. It will help you keep your users focused on the topics related to your App.

How much money can you make with AdMob?

There is no single answer to this question. However, you can consider some factors before making assumptions. The income that you can make with the help of AdMob will be directly related to the grading of your App, its download rate on App Store and Google Play. Also, it will consider the number of hours or minutes a person spends on your App.

Hence, it is a good idea to focus on increasing positive feedback and comments on your App so that it can attract more and more users to download it. It will also help you increase the download rate of your App, and you will generate more money out of it!

Moreover, there are several other ways of making money with the help of a Mobile App. AdMob can serve as a useful platform where you can showcase relevant ads and make money. You can easily showcase interesting ads in the form of videos or banners. These ads are a great way for you to make a side income with any hassle.

If you have a mobile App and would love to try out some advertising on it to make money, AdMob can help you immensely. By simply putting up ad banners or videos, you get a chance to make a steady side income which is always an added advantage. Try it now to avail its amazing benefits!

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