Frequently Asked Symfony Interview Questions

Symfony is a PHP framework to create websites and web applications. It is a set of PHP components. Here I am sharing some frequently asked Symfony interview questions.

Frequently Asked Symfony Interview Questions:

1.Which Template Engine Symfony Supports?

Symfony default template engine is Twig, however, you can use plain PHP code if you want.

2.Is Symfony Is Open Sourced Framework?

Yes, Symfony is open sourced Framework released under the MIT License.

3.What Is Symfony?

Symfony is a set of PHP Components and leading PHP framework to create websites and dynamic web applications. It follows the MVC design pattern and released under the MIT License.

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4.What Are Bundles In Symfony?

Symfony bundle are very similar to plugins or packages in other frameworks or CMS. In Symfony, everything is a bundle from core framework components to code you write. The bundle gives the flexibility to use pre-built features packaged in third-party bundles or to create and distribute your own bundles.

There are two types of bundles are available in Symfony :

  • Application-specific bundles: only used to build your application.
  • Reusable bundles: meant to be shared across many projects.

5.How To Get The Request Parameters In Symfony2?

$request->query->get(paraemeter_name’) and $request->request->get(paraemeter_name’) method is used to get the request parameters in symfony2.

For $_GET parameters: $request->query->get(‘paraemeter_name’) .

For $_POST parameters: $request->request->get(‘paraemeter_name’) .

6.How To Get The Current Route In Symfony Framework?

You can get current route in Symfony using $request->get(_route); method.

7. What is the Current Version Of Symfony?

The current stable version of symfony is 4.2.

8. How to set up Symfony application using composer?

Please Open your terminal and then run below command:

composer create-project symfony/website-skeleton symfony-start

This will create a new “symfony-start” directory and generate the basic directories and files.

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9. What’s Route In Symfony?

A route is a map from a URL path to a controller. Suppose you want one route that matches /blog exactly and another more dynamic route that can match any URL like /blog/my-post or /blog/all-about-symfony.

10. How to set up Routes in Symfony?

Routes can be configured in YAML, XML, and PHP. All formats provide the same features and performance, so choose the one you prefer. If you choose PHP annotations, run this below command once in your application:

composer require annotations