Take Your Retail Trade Business Online With MilesWeb Hosting Service

Congratulations! You have started your new retail trade business successfully.

You might be selling your products locally and earning a profit, right? Great!

But there’s a problem. That is you would have a limited market to a specific location because your business is offline and so, you have limited customers. Don’t you want to sell your products in high volume? Or else you won’t be able to achieve the economies of scale and earn more profits.

How will you do that?

There are two options for getting new customers. You can open up many stores at different locations or take your business online.

Now, you might already be aware of the hassles and costs required for opening up new stores. No, I am not criticizing your idea of starting up a chain of retail outlets. However, you can do that after climbing the basic steps first. 

So, the easiest way to grow your retail business is by taking it online. 

Let’s now check the reasons for having an online presence and so a domain name.

Reasons You Need a Domain Name

Until your retail trade business isn’t online, it will be limited to the local area. Simply getting a domain name and taking your business online offers several benefits.

  1. It secures your brand.
  2. It extends the reach.
  3. It increases access.
  4. It gives you an online presence.
  5. It helps your business look professional.
  6. You have an online store.

The internet is taking the world by storm

As per Statista in 2017, 46.8 percent of the global population browsed the internet. Today, Internet penetration in the UK is around 37.4 percent. The use of the internet by people is increasing day-by-day.

Since more and more people have started buying from online stores, online shopping has become the most popular activity on the internet. Due to the increased internet access, there is an increase in the online shopping sales figure.

Also, UK is the second-largest online market after China. Moreover, globally UK  ranks as second fastest-growing eCommerce market. 

One can’t ignore these significant numbers. If your business doesn’t have an online presence then you are just leaving big money on the table for others. 

You can transform your offline retail business into a cash machine with a domain name.

MilesWeb is always ready to help you for taking your business online. 

Let’s dive into details about their services.

About MilesWeb

Being in the web hosting competition since 2012, MilesWeb has successfully gained its presence globally apart from the UK. They are headquartered in India and offer a wide range of unlimited web hosting services to cater the demands of all businesses. Their customer support team is always available to help their customers get appropriate solutions for their issues. 

They also ensure that your website always remains up and running with their Tier-3 and Tier-4 datacenters that offer 99.95% uptime. Additionally, after purchasing the service if you aren’t happy with them, you can ask for refund within 30 days of service purchase.

MilesWeb offers shared web hosting, managed VPS hosting, best reseller hosting UK, WordPress hosting, DigitalOcean and Amazon (AWS) cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, SSL security and much more…


Their web hosting plans are as below:

MilesWeb Hosting

Features of Web Hosting :

Register Your Retail Business Domain for Free: You get a free domain with their Swift and Turbo web hosting plans. This eliminates the cost of registering the domain separately.

Migrate Your Previous Business Website for Free: If you already have a website hosted at some other web host and your needs aren’t getting fulfilled by them, you can always migrate to MilesWeb. Their tech experts are well-trained in migration and migrate your data safely on their servers.

Secure Your Business Website: You get a free SSL installed on your website when it is hosted at MilesWeb. SSL not only secures your data but also helps build trust with your customers and improves your ranking in Google.

Build Your Own Website Easily: You can build your own website for your retail business. There is no technical/programming knowledge required to build your site. Just drag and drop the images and content in your selected template and hit the publish button.

Get Improved Performance: SSDs are utilized on all the servers of MilesWeb which help to offer the best performance. Your website performance gets improved by 200% with SSDs as compared to HDDs.

Secure Your Email Accounts: You can easily and quickly access your emails with their secured POP3/IMAP. Emails are accessible at any time and from any location if webmail is available with you. Webmail offers access to three email clients: RoundCube, Horde and SquirrelMail.

Manage Your Website with cPanel: cPanel helps to manage your website easily with the help of graphical interface. You can create FTP accounts, emails accounts, databases, etc. in a quick and easy manner.

Install Apps in One-Click: The one-click installer, Softaculous allows you to install applications on your hosting account without wasting your time. Apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. along with more than 400 apps can be installed with just one click.

Get Your Account Setup Instantly: You don’t need to wait long for getting your hosting account set up. Just pay the package charges and once your payment is verified, you will get a welcome email with your cPanel login details. 

Latest PHP and MySQL: All you need to get started with your website is offered by MilesWeb. You also get latest PHP and MySQL versions for smooth functioning of your website.

Select Your Datacentre: You can select your choice of datacenter from various locations such as UK, Australia, USA, India, Canada and Singapore.

Malware Scan and Removal: Your website is scanned for the malware or virus and if any is detected, it is immediately removed.

MilesWeb Customer Review:

MilesWeb Review


No doubt retail trade is the future but if don’t take it online you won’t be able to grab more profit. So, take your business online with MilesWeb and earn your customers’ trust by giving a professional look to it.

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