Ways to grow business without an advertising budget

The competition for standing high in the digital world is intensifying with each passing day as more companies are making their way into the digital realm. Any marketer looking to market their business would have Facebook ads or Google AdWords in their marketing strategy.

One of the primary reason for implementing online advertising includes a low-barrier to entry and fast results. However, successful businesses realize that they cannot have all the eggs in the same basket. Therefore, they look for marketing tactics to grow revenue outside of advertising on just a single platform. Here are a few great ways to increase your income using these marketing tactics.

1. B2B sales

Most startups immediately think of the consumer’s side of the spectrum, which is excellent. However, it can limit your sales. When you launch your brand, make sure to reach out to businesses and develop their interest in your products and services. There is no doubt that it takes more time than merely putting out the product on the shelf, but it’s worth it for the revenue, stability in business, and strategic positioning of the brand.

2. E-mail marketing

Email marketing is more like marketing to a more target audience. It doesn’t fit into the Facebook and Google advertising tactics, but it certainly has many advantages attached to it. There are many tools which can help you to build lists, attract new subscribers, and automatically send emails to them.

Email marketing can lead traffic directly to your website. It provides value to your visitors and helps with retargeting and sending follow-up emails that lead to conversions.

3. Customer reviews

Putting efforts in customer services and satisfaction can produce more ROI on your marketing efforts. Think about it: unhappy customers lave bad reviews which can impact on your future sales. Most of the times, happy customers don’t leave their reviews, so it is more important to avoid bad reviews in the first place.

4. Influencer marketing

Taking advantage of the influence of another person is a great way to drive revenue. It is not something new but has been evolved to be better. Being new to the business, it takes time to build an audience and gain their trust. However, influencers already have the trust of a wide audience, which makes it easier and cost-effective for businesses than running ads on Facebook and Google all day long.

You must remember to get the help of the influencers in your niche. Don’t just look for an influencer with the highest number of followers, but look for ones with the highest engagement of the audience.

5. Beta programs

Using the Beta program is a great way to boost sales when you launch a product. There are two main reasons for this. One, real people use your products or services to find bugs, provide feedback, making it better before it is actually launched. Second, beta users being the first ones to use your product and services becomes your proud fans online and offline, which later helps you sell through word-of-mouth marketing.

6. Co-marketing partnership

Getting creative in marketing can help you to generate revenue in a considerably lower budget. You can find other businesses and startups that can help you to co-market to their customer-base if your brand, products, and services add value to their business and customers.

One of the most suitable examples of it can be Uber and Spotify. By allowing Uber drivers to enroll their Spotify accounts and listen to their tunes in the car, it can advertise to a new customer base, and uber also get the benefit of providing better customer experience.

7. Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing in the digital realm. Consistently writing valuable content is an effective way of generating revenue by building authority over given topics and search terms.

The key to being successful is to write content for sites such as medium or LinkedIn to build credibility, educate and empower the readers. You can create a Wikipedia page which can help with SEO. You should also try and write content to media outlets or write guest posts on other blog sites that can apple your audience and prospects.

However, when producing content, you must remember to keep in non-promotional to make it worth your audience’s time and attention.


These are some ways of advertising which can help you to engage customers, build relationships, and keep your brand on top of the mind of the customers. It is not about the money you put in advertising your business; it is about the time and effort you spend in being creative and above of all, the value you provide your customers with your marketing efforts.

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