What is SEO? Some basics seo tips to optimize site.

What is SEO?

SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization, is an ever-changing procedure, so you have to be up to date with all the algorithm updates and great practices.

Looking for some good SEO tips? You are at the right place! It is a main thing that every site should do. The chances of high ranking can be increased by optimizing a site. It will result in more traffic to your site.

In this content, you will get some of the good SEO tips to optimize site:

Here you go:-

1.Make your site related to one thing.

Ya, it can be related to some other thing also, but stick to one primary topic niche that is most important to your message. This point is really essential, so you may want to do some keyword research before deciding a topic. For keywords research you can use SEMRUSH


2.State keywords where they weight most(Most important)

Incorporate your “one thing” in the website title, description, domain name, blog categories, page content, keywords, taglines and page titles. This is most important for SEO.

3.Connect to internal pages on website

A lot of content management systems automatically do this, but if your don’t, then you will want to be deliberate about connecting to your most necessary pages straightly from your homepage and cross-linking them with each other.

4.Try to use a permalink structure that incorporates keywords

Some of the sites have “dirty” permalink structures that make the use of numbers to recognize pages. Please don’t do this. It is seriously bad for SEO and doesn’t look good. Make use of the URL that has text, and ensure to add keywords in your URLs.

5.Eliminate the thing that slows your site

Page load timing is a very important thing! So, try to prevent any non-essentials that slow down your website.
This is very important, your website should load fast, the average website loading time is 2-3 sec. You can check your website speed here: https://tools.pingdom.com/

See my website speed:

What is SEO

6.Use keywords in your pictures

Add those words that identify your website topic in the photo title, description and alt attributes.Basically alt attribute is very important and which is same as you keyword.

7.Connect to different sites with appropriate content

You can do this by incorporating a link list, resource page or blogroll on your site.
If you do it properly, and when people click your links, this tells search engines that you are a reliable authority on your specific topic.

8.Update your website regularly

The sites often rank higher that have dynamic content rather than with static content. This is the reason why directories and blogs do so well on search engines. They are regularly being updated with fresh content. So please write at least 3-4 posts in an week.

Write good content, just follow the above mentioned steps, have some patience, and you’ll get results. This is my personal experience with my blog and i am sharing with you.

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